Log into Log-it

What Is It?

Log-It! is a web-based logging system designed for high usage and multi-operator logging of contacts during events and contests. You can, of course, use it for day to day logging also.

Easy To Use

There are a lot of excellent programs on the market that do rig control,

propagation, and an endless number of options. Options are good but setting up some application can be very frustrating! Log-It! was built with ease of use in mind. Often it is in use by people that have not used any logging program before.

How Do I Get IT?

You don’t… It is a server application running on my end and does not require the user to install any new software on their system. All you need to use it is a web browser. User accounts are generated by request at this point.

Cross Platform

If you have a web browser you can use Log-It! Windows, Mac, Linux, Android… anything that has a modern browser.

.PDF Generation

Log-It! includes PDF generation allowing you to design and make a PDF form with any design you would like, and offer it up as a QSL card or event certificate.